About Us


extreme [ik-streem], adjective; exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected

At Extreme Gym we want to create a comfortable health focused environment with a deep commitment to personalized, one on one care and rapport with every client. We offer a unique setting for those who are interested in various types of exercise. We offer it all, from weightlifting, cardio, group fitness, personal training and yoga! We look forward to building a caring “Community of Health” for our clients so they can experience life altering changes that impact their lives forever. Our facility is open 24/7 for your use. Each member will receive a scan card that will allow you to access the gym whenever you want! The gym is equipped with the latest weightlifting and cardio equipment to help achieve your personal fitness goals. Our owners, instructors, and personal trainers are passionate about what they do and are ready, willing and able to help anyone in our community overcome the obstacles with living a healthier lifestyle.